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Meet Kelli Morrell, Photographer and Entrepreneur

Kelli Morrell is a photographer and entrepreneur who lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and serves the surrounding areas by capturing authentic and memorable weddings, newborn sessions and family experiences. Kelli works collaboratively with her clients to understand their unique personalities and preferred style in order to create comfortable and memorable photography experiences.


For the first 14 years of her career, Kelli navigated the corporate office in various Operational, Sales and Customer Success roles where she connected with various clients from all over the world to ensure their needs were met and the partnerships flourished. This same knack for just knowing what each side needed led to professional success. About mid-way through her career, however, Kelli realized her creativity was taking a back seat so she started scheduling family photo shoots on the side to flex her creative muscle and tap into her true calling.


Her passion for authentic photography soon blossomed into a timeless wedding, newborn, and family photographer business, which was fueled by her own life experience as she married her husband and they started a family of their own. Kelli and Tim are now raising three rambunctious boys, and a playful pandemic pup, in their St Louis City home.


The Kelli Morrell Photography experience is just that — an inviting, comfortable and stress free opportunity to capture life’s most memorable moments.

Kelli Morrell Photography, St. Louis Photographer


Capture life’s most memorable moments

Life is beautiful, and yet the day-to-day reality is messy, unscripted and sometimes too stressful to put into words. It makes sense that people want to put on a façade and capture that one “perfect shot” where everyone is looking at the camera, smiling and, for a brief second, appears truly “picture perfect.”


I see the world differently. Rather than over-preparing for that one moment where everything appears to be perfect, I look for the authenticity throughout the experience — and that’s what I capture through my lens. The moments...


… where a bride and groom are stealing a glance at each other when they think no one is looking.

.... when a mother is cradling her tired newborn and they both let out a sigh with pure love.

… when a family is playing at a park and dad leans down to move a wisp of hair from his daughter’s face.


It’s in these moments, and so many more, that the beauty of real life shines through — and my job as their photographer really captures the most meaningful parts of the experience.


I consider my photography approach a blend of portrait and photojournalism. I’ll go out of my way before the special day to understand what my clients care about most and how their unique personalities will shape the entire session experience. This allows me to customize my approach behind the lens in order to capture the moments that matter most — both the ones my clients expect and the authentic and timeless snapshots that evoke unforeseen emotions.


I look forward to working with you,

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Kelli sees moments in a different, beautiful way. She has the ability to capture a spirit, or an emotion or feeling, in a single photo. I don't know how she does it, but I'm ever so grateful that our paths have crossed. She’s captured the essence of my children at every age in photos that I get to cherish forever.

Kelli Morrell Photography Family Session St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Wedding Photography, Kelli Morrell Photography


Kelli is amazing - we cannot say enough good things about her! Her photos are just beautiful and perfectly captured our little family. We'll cherish them forever!


She was also great to work with. The session itself was very laid back so we felt like we could just be ourselves, but at the same time Kelli was great about directing us so we knew just what to do for photos. Kelli's also just a very nice person who's super easy to talk to and wonderful with children - exactly what you're looking for in a family photographer! If you want newborn/family photos, look no further - we highly recommend Kelli!

Kelli Morrell Photography Family Session St. Louis, MO


Think we'd be a good fit? I'd love to hear from you.

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