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Top 3 Reasons to Consider a First Look on Your Wedding Day - St. Louis Wedding Photography

- Kelli Morrell is a Wedding Photographer based in St. Louis, Missouri.

First look or no first look? There are so many ways to think of this as you plan out your wedding day. You may have dreamed of seeing your fiancée's reaction as you walk down the aisle, or envisioned something more private that can only be experienced between the two of you.

My husband and I waited to see each other, but I'm now an advocate for first looks!

First looks are amazing for a few reasons. First, it allows you to have a really intimate moment of seeing each other for the first time without the pressure of ALL the other eyes. It's just the two of you. Well, and the wedding photographer of course.

Another deciding factor is your wedding day timeline. Depending on the flow of your day, you may want to jump straight from the ceremony to the cocktail hour. Doing a first look before the ceremony definitely gives you more freedom to mingle and relax with guests. Sure, there will be some photos taken right after the ceremony, but everything else is already done. Family portraits, bridal party photos...all done beforehand!

A third perk is that your hair and makeup will be super fresh for the bride and groom photos, which can be taken before the ceremony. My wedding ceremony was outdoors, on a hot May day in Kansas City. I left the hotel with my hair and make up looking fabulous and then ended the ceremony with sweat dripping down my face. Our bridal party photos were taken after the ceremony since we decided to wait to see each other. I think back to how red my face was and how flat my hair felt since the humidity levels were through the roof and wish I would have done it differently. My photographer was amazing and made me look as "fresh" as possible with editing, but I'm sure we would have been more comfortable if we planned ahead.

I will support my wedding clients in whatever they decide to do...but my job is also to inform them along the planning process so they can have the best possible photography experience to look back on.

What do you think? Did this help you think of your wedding plans in a different way?

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